Days to Remember

We constantly strive to find more ways to give these very special children an experience that they and their families will always remember.

What is ‘Days to Remember‘?

Three years ago we widened our charitable aims to do just that. The illnesses of some incredibly deserving children, unfortunately, can often preclude them from our core objective which is, of course, our annual trip to Lapland. A typical example would be that the temperatures are simply too low.

So, we have widened the scope of our charitable status to incorporate what we’re simply calling ‘DAYS TO REMEMBER’.

Being mindful that a child’s illness affects the entire family unit, our first expedition was in June 2013 to Disneyland in Paris and what a special trip it was. The party of 40 included family units, with one or both parents and a sibling – all able to enjoy the magic of this magnificent resort together.

As the charity grows, we hope to make this a regular trip and, indeed, we hope to do even more in the future.


But it is only with your help, can we make these dreams come true.

Please help.